Our Year In Australia

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For the last 12 months, me and Jess have driven around this extremely oversized rock called Australia. We have driven over 25,000 km, seen a life time of beautiful beaches, slept in our 4×4 more times than an actual bed. Tropical storms in Cairns, the lighting storm in Brisbane, the snow wind and rain that battered us for the whole month we spent in Tasmania. But not forgetting the beautiful weather everywhere else as well as the flies trying to suck the moisture off your eye balls everywhere you turn!

We arrived clueless and now 12 months later consider ourselves to basically be experts on Australia…  We have made some of the best memories of our lives, gained a huge amount of knowledge (not necessarily useful but knowledge none the less), experienced some amazing and bizarre things and somehow managed to pick up some amazing friends along the way. Me and Jess didn’t really know what to expect when we arrived, all we knew was that we had each other and a very, very long road to travel together. We somehow managed to survive it together and our relationship has blossomed, even if we haven’t seen eye to eye the whole time (read how to not kill each other while travelling here) but I’m going to speak for both of us and say that we couldn’t be happier!

We could write pages and pages of all the wonderful things that we have done, but we felt that pictures could do as much justice. So here are a couple of photos that sum our year in Australia. Enjoy.

Our home and ride that took us 25,000km around OZ!

First destination… Brisbane!

Jess geared up and entering the water for our first Great Barrier Reef dive!

Jess chilling under water, above the Great Barrier Reef!

At Dreamworld on the Gold Coast, crocodile feeding time!

Top of the 360 sky point tower, with views of surfers paradise…


Working in the Hunter Valley for 4 months. Job 1 – removing 2 acres of vines.

Job 2 – helping to make the wine itself.

Sun set over the Hunter Valley.

Learning to be proper Aussies at a Jackaroo course. Lesson 1 – mustering cows.

Lesson 2 – Horse Ridding! Jess was got to refresh her skills but I’d never ridden before!

The horse ridding didn’t go too well… Broken and dislocated wrist (read here)!

A three day trip to the beautiful Blue Mountains!

River cruise along Sydney Harbour for Jess’s 21st!

Harbour Bridge!

Cradle Mountain Tasmania – I wanted to climb to the top but someone didn’t want to do it with me…

Top of mount wellington, as you can see it was seriously cold!

WOOFing in Tasmania for 1 month on a petting farm! Piglet cuddles!

Exploring the street art in Melbourne…

The never ending roads we drove on!

Staying at a free campsite on the top of a sand dune over looking Ayres Rock / Uluru. Waking up to the sun rising with a hot chocolate!

Only in Australia!

After having a few too many (plastic) cups of goon the previous night, jumping into the pools at Berry Springs was just what the doctor ordered!

Not such a bad view from the infinity pool overlooking Lake Argyle.

Luckily we didn’t bump into Mick Taylor when we were camping at Wolfe Creek… We just got to watch this beautiful sunset!


Heading out to watch the sunset but we got stuck in the sand half way down the track! We missed the sunset :(.

Volunteering at Monkey Mia! Still not sure why it’s called Monkey Mia when it’s all about the dolphins without a monkey in sight….

One of the 5 dolphins we worked with!

Pretending to be nudists for the day!

Spent Christmas Day and New Years Eve working but surprisingly had a great time!

A beautiful day spent cycling 24kms around Rottnest Island!


Author: Ben

Ben is one half of Ben and Jess’s Adventures. He is a dreamer, constantly coming up with extravagant and unusual ideas of where we should head to next. His favourite idea is to spend a year in China learning Kung-Fu taught by monks. Scared of nothing and always up for a thrill he can sometimes land himself in some unfortunate circumstances like this one time he broke and dislocated his wrist in Australia and ended up in hospital for a week! No matter how much trouble he lands himself in, his cheeky charm will always get him out of it!

22 thoughts on “Our Year In Australia

  1. You spent a whole year touring Australia? That is one long, intensive holiday. Camping and driving around on those stunning roads, exploring that wonderful country…you seem to have made some of your favorite travel memories.

  2. Guys this is so inspiring, we are travelling around Asia at the moment and then we are heading down to Aus to do a working tourist visa and also planning on spending some time in NZ too. This has made us so excited to get over there!

  3. What’s next? sounds like you’ve done Australia and are ready to move on. I am curious about your volunteer experience with the dolphins though,,,was that for a day or longer?

  4. Congrats on your year! Though Australia is not on my travel list, it certainly is gorgeous and your post has showcased more fun adventures than any other post I’ve ever read. Keep on having the time of your life!

  5. So glad you enjoyed your time in our beautiful country … sorry to hear about the broken and dislocated wrist though!!! But we have a pretty great system of healthcare (admittedly bias!!) so hopefully it’s properly healed and you’re on your way to greater adventures to come!

  6. What a lovely photo story. We imagine it must be only a small fraction of what you experienced. Australia is very much on our radar and this post made us crave it a little bit more. Hopefully we’ll make it there this year 🙂

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